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If you read nothing else just know: I am a meticulous highly aesthetic visual learner with a knack for the finer things in life.

1: & a half the age I took my first film picture 

2: "that's the age I was no longer allowed to pick out your outfits" - My Mother 

3: days time spent on Tik Tok within the first month of downloading it

4: how many languages I speak (English, Spanish, Italian, & lastly Vine/Twitter) 

5: the number of current active Instagram accounts I have

6: the age I taught my mom’s co workers how to use powerpoint

7: how many years I would’ve attended Lollapalooza pre-COVID

8: years spent in bilingual education courses (imagine having to learn shape names in English in high school because you only learned them in Spanish) 

9: how old I was when I went to my first concert (The Jonas Brothers, if you were wondering)

10: different houses/apartments lived in….in 2 countries, 2 states, and 4 cities 

I like to experience. 

I like to learn. 

I like to be the influencer instead of the influenced. 

My goal: to be at the front lines being a "cultural informant"

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